MUSE talk: “Biodiversity from space: old theories, new frontiers”

On December 2 EU BON partner Duccio Rocchini, the Edmund Mach Foundation, gave a talk “Biodiversity from space: old theories, new frontiers” at MUSE, who recently joined the list of EU BON associated partners. The talk was aimed at explaining how to protect the Earth’s biodiversity through the use of images from space.

Introduction from the talk; Credit: Duccio Rocchini
Satellite images, space station, drones: does this have to do with biodiversity? Duccio Rocchini, researcher at the Department of Molecular Ecology and Biodiversity of the Edmund Mach Foundation explain how biodiversity can benefit from it. In his research Rocchini tries to understand how to monitor biodiversity and its changes in space and time, through the use of satellite images. Such images may in fact help to identify spots in biodiversity and provide basic data for developing models of distribution of species at risk.