Best Fishing Knots Made Easy! 5 Knots You Need To Know!

Learn a couple of these easy knots and you’ll be able to catch fish anywhere in the world! We choose our knots based on ease of tying and consistent results. You don’t need special tools and you don’t need to use your knees and toes to help tie them. These knots are EASY! 

Today Tim is showing the 5 knots we use for all of our fishing. The 3 “Line-To-Lure” knots are the San Diego Jam knot, Palomar Knot, and Uni Knot. The two “Line-To-Line” (leader) knots are the Double Uni Knot and the Double Blood Knot. 

Every time “knots” come up everyone seems to have an opinion. Some people insist on tying incredibly complex knots. Others prefer knots that require special tools. Some anglers just tie whatever knot their grandpa taught them because it works… most of the time. We choose our knots based on a handful of variables. The knot must be easy to tie on the water and can’t take an excessive amount of time. It must work with a variety of lines and line sizes. And most important, you must be able to visibly verify that it is tied correctly.  

Now that you know the knots to tie, let’s talk about line. There are different lines for different purposes. Below is a breakdown of all our favorite fishing lines for different circumstances. The links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each line. 

Braided Lines… We use these lines for the vast majority of our fishing. Braided line is incredibly strong, has very little stretch, and is very thin. The downside of braid is that its highly visible in the water. For power fishing techniques like frogging, topwater, flipping, etc braid is amazing! It gives you incredible power to set the hook hard and drag the fish away from cover. In these situations its okay to tie the braided line direct to your lure. If you’re fishing slower or in clearer water you’ll want to add a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to reduce visibility. 

-Favorite Braid (Ultra Thin)- Power Pro Maxcuatro:

-Budget Braid- Power Pro Original:

-Finesse Braid (Spinning Rods)- Sunline SX-1:

-Smooth Braid- Sufix 832:

Fluorocarbon Lines… Fluorocarbon is the best of both worlds between braid and mono. It has good sensitivity, strength, and is virtually invisible in the water. Its a great stand alone line for all fishing applications (except for topwater because it tends to sink) but it truly shines as a finesse line. It can be used as a main line or as a leader (Sniper for finesse leader, FC100 for power fishing leader). 

-Finesse Applications- Sunline Sniper FC:

-Power Applications- Sunline Assassin FC:

-Leader Material- Sunline FC100 System Leader:

Monofilament… Mono is what most anglers start with. Its incredibly forgiving, has a lot of stretch, is very strong, and its relatively cheap. Traditionally monofilament shines for topwater and crankbaits where stretch is a plus. Over the years we have shifted to braided line and currently only use monofilament as a leader material. 

-Favorite Mono- Maxima Ultragreen:

-Budget Mono- Berkley Big Game:

Line Size Recommendations By Technique… 

Dropshot- 10 lb Braid or 6 lb Fluorocarbon

Crankbait- 12-17 lb Fluorocarbon or 30 lb Braid

Topwater- 40 lb Braid or 15 lb Mono

Frog- 65 lb Braid

Jig- 50 lb Braid, 15-20 lb Fluorocarbon, 15-20 lb Mono Leader

Ned Rig- 8 lb Braid or 6 lb Fluorocarbon

Senko- 30 lb Braid, 10-15 lb Mono leader, 12 lb fluorocarbon

Shakey Head- 20 lb Braid, 10-12 lb fluorocarbon, 10 lb mono leader

Spnnerbait/Chatterbait- 15-20 lb fluorocarbon, 40-50 lb Braid

Big Swimbait- 80 lb braid, 25-35 lb mono or fluorocarbon leader

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