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Artist Spotlight: Remington Robinson

Flylords got to know Boulder, CO based artist Remington Robinson. Remington is a passionate fly fisherman who grew up casting for bass in Ohio’s lakes and rivers, deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas, and chasing Pike in upstate New York. He uses his wealth of artistic talent to create paintings of all sizes, from massive murals to minuscule, plein-air masterpieces. Check out Remington’s thoughts and creations… Read More »Artist Spotlight: Remington Robinson

Artist Spotlight: Joe Mangiafico

Flylords got the chance to sit down with Joe Mangiafico, a knife craftsman based in Bend, Oregon. Joe has been hooked on fly fishing since he first picked up a rod while in college, and has a special love for snagging False Albacore at Cape Cod. He combines his knack for design and his love of fly fishing to create fish-inspired designs that seamlessly combine… Read More »Artist Spotlight: Joe Mangiafico

Artist Spotlight: Paul Puckett

Flylords got the chance to sit down with Charleston-based painter, illustrator, and business owner Paul Puckett. He shared the story of how he found his way into the fly fishing industry and how he began his career, as well as gave advice to artists hoping to break into the fly fishing space. Check out his comments and artwork below! Photo courtesy of Could you… Read More »Artist Spotlight: Paul Puckett