baetis patterns

Wooly Baetis

Nymph, Emerger, Fish Catcher Don’t show your friends this fly…  I’ts super secret, and it’s designed to increase your catch rate by 29%.  Jokes aside, this is pretty much an RS2 variation that has a dubbed and cased thorax.  The Wee Wool for the body also adds a slim, yet buggy profile, so tie some up and make sure to vary the colors to match… Read More »Wooly Baetis

Nano Puff Baetis

No, This Fly Won’t Keep You Warm The coolest part of this fly is the technique used to get a really dense puff-looking wing out of a normal piece of CDC.  This is a great fly for that part of the hatch where the fish really haven’t decided whether they want to eat on top, or just keep slurping from the surface film.  Enjoy! Material… Read More »Nano Puff Baetis