The Masters of Hyperbole

“ARE THERE JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS AMONG US?” Hyperbole (hahy-pur-buh-lee) noun – An obvious or intentional exaggeration. An extravagant statement or figure of speech not meant to be taken literally, as in “to wait an eternity.” Christmas or Thanksgiving, when I was a child, were about the only times I saw my Grandfathers together in the same room. Both events involving some turkey, green… Read More »The Masters of Hyperbole

Bonefish Dive 450 Feet “Deep” Into the Abyss to Spawn

A new study provides the first detailed documentation of a shallow-water fish diving 450 feet deep to spawn. Uncovering this very rare spawning behavior in … The post Bonefish Dive 450 Feet “Deep” Into the Abyss to Spawn appeared first on Moldy Chum.

My Favorite Bonefish Reel

Best of all it only cost $285 I remember standing on the beach at Andros South watching my buddy Bruce Chard teaching his annual bonefish school. Bruce was illustrating for a first timer what he should expect when he encountered a bonefish. He held the line and let the student feel how hard he should strip set, then he took off running down the beach… Read More »My Favorite Bonefish Reel

Scientists Spawn Bonefish in Captivity

So is the end game of this breakthrough bonefish hatcheries? In a race to solve a major challenge for conservation aquaculture, a breakthrough by researchers … The post Scientists Spawn Bonefish in Captivity appeared first on Moldy Chum.

The Salt Water Quick Cast

One of the most crucial skills in salt water fly fishing is shooting line. Everything happens quickly on the flats and the angler who can put is fly on a fish sixty feet from the boat with only two false casts will have a distinct advantage. It’s important to get the fly to the fish in a hurry but that’s not the whole story. In… Read More »The Salt Water Quick Cast

Meet The $70,000 Fish

In one Florida study, each bonefish was valued at $3,500 annually or more than $70,000 over the 20-year average lifespan of a bonefish—the worth derived … The post Meet The $70,000 Fish appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Save the Horny Fish: An Inside Look at BTT’s Permit Initiative

Recently, Flylords had the chance to catch up with Dr. Ross Boucek, to talk more on Bonefish Tarpon Trust’s efforts to help preserve Permit populations, and protect them during their spawning season. Ross earned his Masters and Doctoral degrees at Florida International University, studying how weather events, such as hurricanes, droughts, and extreme cold events, impact sport fisheries in Florida Bay and Everglades National Park.… Read More »Save the Horny Fish: An Inside Look at BTT’s Permit Initiative

The V Grip

HOPEFULLY YOU’VE GOTTEN COMFORTABLE WITH ADDING THE WRIST SNAP TO YOUR CAST. TODAY BRUCE IS GOING TO GET INTO SOME SERIOUS ADVANCED TECHNIQUE. Your going to see him use the “V Grip”. This is going to feel seriously odd at first. In fact I think this is harder to get the hang of if you have been casting for a long time. Don’t get discouraged,… Read More »The V Grip