Classes and Instruction

Two methods for tying tails Deceiver Style Streamer Flies

In this video, Jay share’s with us his years of experience tying Deceiver Style Streamer Flies. Here he show’s us two methods for tying this classic fly pattern. Materials Used: Hook: Ahrex Predator Stinger Hook Thread: Veevus GSP 150D Tail: … Continue reading →

San Juan Worm – Beginning Fly Tying Series

In this video, Greg ties a simple San Juan Worm fly pattern with information for beginning tyers. Effective for trout throughout the West, this controversial fly is great for beginning fly tyers to practice their techniques with pinch-wraps and uniformed … Continue reading →

Squirmy Wormie Fly Tying Video – Beginning Fly Tying Series

In this video, Greg ties the effective, deadly, and controversial Squirmy Wormie Fly. Used in competition with jig hooks, tungsten beads, different colors & sizes the Squirmy Wormie Fly has proven its effectiveness throughout the world. The material does require … Continue reading →