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Be Prepared For Colorado’s Black Canyon

Colorado’s Black Canyon doesn’t play. My buddy John is getting even more fidgety than usual. He’s whipped himself into a froth as I go over the pack-list. Sleeping bag, pad, headlamp, tecnu…” “Water?”, he asked. “No, I told you, filter bottle.” “Cliff Bars, peanut butter, whisky…” “So this trail”, he starts again, “eight hundred and some vertical feet and the road, the guy said four… Read More »Be Prepared For Colorado’s Black Canyon

A Water Temperature Guide to Trout [PLUS Late Summer Fly Fishing Tips]

While anglers often rejoice when summertime rolls around thanks to warmer weather, dissipating runoff, and spectacular dry fly fishing, it’s important to be mindful of our fishy friends. When the air temperatures consistently climb, the water temperatures will soon follow. Due to extended heatwaves across the country, many of our favorite trout streams and rivers are reaching dangerous temperatures for the very fish we target.… Read More »A Water Temperature Guide to Trout [PLUS Late Summer Fly Fishing Tips]

Restore The Gore

Vail has long been known as a great destination for fly fishing. The fishing opportunities surrounding the town, including Gore Creek, the Eagle River, the Colorado River, and the surplus of alpine lakes and streams, have always lured anglers to this location.  Courtesy of the Town of Vail Gore Creek—the creek that runs through the heart of Vail—provides anglers with the unique opportunity to catch… Read More »Restore The Gore