Euro Nymph Patterns

Jig Tailwater Sow Bug

Sow + Jig = Fish If you are familiar with Lance’s Tailwater Sow Bug, you already know that it is a staple across the western US, and has caught fish in many places.  This is essentially the same pattern, but designed to accommodate a jig hook and a large bead for Euro nymphing.  Watch the video as Lance shows us how to tie this simple… Read More »Jig Tailwater Sow Bug

Tasmanian Devil

A Euro-Nymph Must-Have I was introduced to the Tassie Devil pattern while preparing for the World Fly Fishing Championships last fall in Tasmania, Australia. Team USA had the luxury of learning from our skilled guide, Maxim Vereshaka. Max recommended we have the pattern tied and ready to fish since it has proven to be effective in their waters and as such is a staple for many… Read More »Tasmanian Devil

Ribby Pellet – Perdigon Fly

Feed ‘Em The Pellet Perdigon = Pellet.  There is your Spanish lesson for the day.  Really though, this is just a ribbed version of a perdigon that uses only thread to achieve a super buggy look.  You all already know how effective the Perdigon is, so twist up a bunch of these in different colors and catch fish!! Material List Add to Cart   View… Read More »Ribby Pellet – Perdigon Fly

Red Fox Squirrel Jig

With Some Squirrel Bugginess This is a take on a classic pattern that has produced very well for me over the years.  There are many materials that can be used to tie this fly that was designed by Dave Whitlock many many years ago.  I add a little bit of a modern twist with the jig hook and a squirrel collar.  Just to make sure… Read More »Red Fox Squirrel Jig