Euro Nymph

The Picric Frenchie

 I’ve been tying a lot with pheasant tails this year — especially lighter dyed colors — both with Chironomids as well as frenchie style and other styles of nymphs. And with Lance coming back from the Worlds last year having seen a lot of success with lighter metallic pink beads, I started tossing these beads onto some patterns as well. So the Picric Frenchie is… Read More »The Picric Frenchie

Tasmanian Devil

A Euro-Nymph Must-Have I was introduced to the Tassie Devil pattern while preparing for the World Fly Fishing Championships last fall in Tasmania, Australia. Team USA had the luxury of learning from our skilled guide, Maxim Vereshaka. Max recommended we have the pattern tied and ready to fish since it has proven to be effective in their waters and as such is a staple for many… Read More »Tasmanian Devil