Fishing Stories

The Masters of Hyperbole

“ARE THERE JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS AMONG US?” Hyperbole (hahy-pur-buh-lee) noun – An obvious or intentional exaggeration. An extravagant statement or figure of speech not meant to be taken literally, as in “to wait an eternity.” Christmas or Thanksgiving, when I was a child, were about the only times I saw my Grandfathers together in the same room. Both events involving some turkey, green… Read More »The Masters of Hyperbole

The In-Law’s Bass Pond

“The pond was full of those great lily pads, and I guess that’s where the problem started.” I guess I should be happy, but I’m not. Ever since my in-laws moved to South Carolina the compulsory visits have had a silver lining. I discovered a little bass pond just down the road. It’s a sort of neighborhood open space and I’ve seen a few folks fish… Read More »The In-Law’s Bass Pond

Not Just Anybody’s Saint Vrain

By Louis Cahill “IF YOU CLIMB INTO THE CAB OF THAT PICKUP WITH JOHN YOU’LL FIND THAT WHERE YOU WIND UP CAN, ONLY IN THE MOST EXISTENTIAL TERMS, BE CALLED A FISHING TRIP.” It’s about seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. It’s mid-September and the chilly Colorado air has coaxed a fair number of lookie-lous, headed up from Denver and Boulder to catch some fall color,… Read More »Not Just Anybody’s Saint Vrain

Standing in the River Carrying a Torch

Standing in the River Carrying a Torch A different kind of love story. Men and fish parted ways a long time ago. You couldn’t call it an amiable divorce. The fish got everything. The mountain streams, the lazy winding rivers, the deep blue sea, everything. Men had to pack their bags and crawl, with their heads hanging, out onto the land and they were not… Read More »Standing in the River Carrying a Torch

Gold Nugget

Trophy brown trout like this one are worth their weight in gold. I’m a big fan of that Gold Rush TV show filmed up in Alaska. I don’t know what it is about that show but I’m hooked. Go ahead, call me dumb for wasting my time watching it, I’m just dying to see one of those crews dig up a fortune of gold that… Read More »Gold Nugget