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Saltwater Fly Fishing: 11 Tips for Presenting Your Fly To Tarpon

Anyone that’s fly fished for tarpon has probably experienced how easy it can be to present the fly incorrectly. If you miss your target, even by just a little bit, it can drastically lower your chances for getting a tarpon to eat. Cast the fly too close, and the tarpon will spook. Don’t lead the fish enough, and your fly won’t get down to the… Read More »Saltwater Fly Fishing: 11 Tips for Presenting Your Fly To Tarpon

Permit on Floating Crabs

Australia is home to some amazing flats fishing, particularly in the northern part of the country. My wife and I had been living on the road for almost two years fly fishing our way all over the place and ticking off many of the things on our fishing bucket list. At the top of that list was catching a permit on the flats. We’d had… Read More »Permit on Floating Crabs

How to Tie: The Saltwater Gurgler

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Fly Fish Food shows us how to tie the Saltwater Gurgler. Learn About This Fly: Difficulty: Intermediate  Originally brought to life by legendary tyer, Jack Gartside, the Saltwater Gurgler (or the Gartside Gurgler) is a favorite amongst salty topwater enthusiasts. Noted for its ability to draw wary fish to toss caution to the current and lunge at… Read More »How to Tie: The Saltwater Gurgler

Fly Fishing the Striped Bass Flats

The Striped Bass is one of the most versatile saltwater fish species. You can catch stripers along rocky shorelines, down deep, in chaotic blitzes, marshes, rivers, salt ponds, and my all-time favorite, sand flats! All around the world, shallow sand flats are highly productive ecosystems. Crabs, shrimp, and many small baitfish feast upon the algae and marine invertebrates that take advantage of the shallow, sun-baked… Read More »Fly Fishing the Striped Bass Flats