Fly Casting

Should You Cast Less Accurately?

John Juracek poses an interesting question in his latest piece for Hatch Magazine: is there ever a circumstance wherein you should try to cast less accurately? Juracek makes the argument for that in an interesting way. You can read his take here. The post Should You Cast Less Accurately? appeared first on MidCurrent.

The Cajun Spey Waltz

Snow is blowing in around the corners of my glasses and forty degree water is slowly making its way into my waders. I haven’t seen the sun for several days and the river is full of chrome bright steelhead. It doesn’t feel much like Louisiana. Never the less the tune that keeps dancing in my head and eventually to my lips is an old Cajun… Read More »The Cajun Spey Waltz

Spey Fishing Tips for Beginners

I’ve never spey fished, but it’s on the list of things to learn (once I have the time, a commodity on which I feel ironically short at the moment). Reading this piece from Carter Reschke over at Fly Lords makes me think I might actually get the hang of spey fishing. He lays out, simply, four tips for beginning spey anglers. Give it a read… Read More »Spey Fishing Tips for Beginners

TBT: The Essence Of Fly Casting II

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine comes this Mel Krieger instructional video for intermediate and advanced flycasters featuring distance casting, the bio mechanical of good form, … The post TBT: The Essence Of Fly Casting II appeared first on Moldy Chum.

The Salt Water Quick Cast

One of the most crucial skills in salt water fly fishing is shooting line. Everything happens quickly on the flats and the angler who can put is fly on a fish sixty feet from the boat with only two false casts will have a distinct advantage. It’s important to get the fly to the fish in a hurry but that’s not the whole story. In… Read More »The Salt Water Quick Cast

3 Ways to Improve Your Fly Casting on the Flats

About ten years ago, I embarked on my first international saltwater fly fishing trip, with a couple Texas boys I’d previously met while chasing peacock bass in the Amazon. The saltwater trip took place down in Mexico, specifically the Ascension Bay area. Our primary target fish were bonefish but we kept a constant lookout for permit and tarpon. The two born and raised Texas boys… Read More »3 Ways to Improve Your Fly Casting on the Flats

How to Stop the Dreaded Fly Fishing Birds Nest

Does this look familiar? Just about every angler has created this tangled artwork at some point, some more than others. I’m pretty good at untangling knots because I get more practice than the average angler from my guiding, but even this one required me to break out a fresh leader and completely re-rig. If you find yourself untangling knots more than you’re fishing, try fixing… Read More »How to Stop the Dreaded Fly Fishing Birds Nest

The V Grip

HOPEFULLY YOU’VE GOTTEN COMFORTABLE WITH ADDING THE WRIST SNAP TO YOUR CAST. TODAY BRUCE IS GOING TO GET INTO SOME SERIOUS ADVANCED TECHNIQUE. Your going to see him use the “V Grip”. This is going to feel seriously odd at first. In fact I think this is harder to get the hang of if you have been casting for a long time. Don’t get discouraged,… Read More »The V Grip