Fly Fishing Photography

Taming the King

For years I’ve heard stories about people catching Salmon in the northeastern United States. I knew that Atlantic salmon were native to that area, but I had some confusion over why I was seeing photos of Steelhead, Cohos, and the mighty King Salmon. After a bit of research, I found that the Great Lakes hold a variety of trout and salmon species that run up… Read More »Taming the King

Faces of Fly Fishing: Catching up with Chad Brown

After a three-year hiatus, Flylords sat down with Chad Brown. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, founder of Soul River, Inc., a photographer, a conservationist, and, most recently, an emerging leader in advocating for greater inclusivity in outdoor spaces. In addition to updating us on Soul River’s growth since 2017, Chad  filled us in on how fly fishing has influenced his photography career. Additionally, he… Read More »Faces of Fly Fishing: Catching up with Chad Brown

The Cajun Spey Waltz

Snow is blowing in around the corners of my glasses and forty degree water is slowly making its way into my waders. I haven’t seen the sun for several days and the river is full of chrome bright steelhead. It doesn’t feel much like Louisiana. Never the less the tune that keeps dancing in my head and eventually to my lips is an old Cajun… Read More »The Cajun Spey Waltz

Carp Czar

I recently had the great pleasure of spending a day carp fishing with my friend Bruce Smithhamer. It was every bit as challenging as promised. The fish were gearing up for the spawn and were lock jawed. We would have gone fish-less if not for Bruce’s encyclopedic knowledge of the species. We changed locations and tactics several times and eventually got into fish. Carp, especially… Read More »Carp Czar

The Salt Water Quick Cast

One of the most crucial skills in salt water fly fishing is shooting line. Everything happens quickly on the flats and the angler who can put is fly on a fish sixty feet from the boat with only two false casts will have a distinct advantage. It’s important to get the fly to the fish in a hurry but that’s not the whole story. In… Read More »The Salt Water Quick Cast

Working a Steelhead

I had the opportunity to watch my friend Jeff Hickman work a shy Steelhead the other day and his effort was exemplary. Swinging flies for winter steelhead is a game of numbers, very small numbers. It’s a given when chasing winter fish that there may be limited numbers of fish present in the river. Even fewer of them will be willing to eat a swung… Read More »Working a Steelhead

Chug a Coke, Save a Bleeding Fish.

There’s nothing worse than watching a big beautiful wild fish bleed out from a damaged gill. I found myself in just that situation with a big brown trout one day. Watching helplessly as the water turned red. Thank God Kent was with me. Thinking fast he said, “hey, did you finish that Coke?” I had not and he showed me a great trick. He opened… Read More »Chug a Coke, Save a Bleeding Fish.