Fly Tying Gear

Upgrading your Vise

If you’re anything like a lot of anglers I know, you’ve spent quite a bit more time than usual this year behind your vise. That’s a good thing, since it means you’ve probably been fishing more. But it might also have exposed some of the deficiencies in your vise that you didn’t see before. Ray Kyle’s latest in The Vail Daily will help you out if… Read More »Upgrading your Vise

Loon Announces 2021 Gear

Loon Outdoors just announced their Fall/Winter 2020-21 gear lineup, and it features some intriguing new fly tying and riverside products. In the fly tying category, Loon is rolling out their new Prime Scissors. Per their catalog, the Prime Scissors are “A large, premium pair of scissors that is the kind of sharp you only see on infomercials at 2 am. The broad blades offer a… Read More »Loon Announces 2021 Gear

How to Whip Finish by Hand

If you tie your own flies, you’ve been in that situation before. You’re just finishing up a great fly, getting ready for tomorrow’s trip, and you can’t find your whip finish tool. Or, if you’re one to take your tying kit with you on trips, it’s the one tool you left at home. Regardless, it pays to know how to whip finish by hand, which… Read More »How to Whip Finish by Hand