Fly Tying Materials

The Skinny Humpy

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana I can claim no credit for the name as other tiers have coined the name “Skinny Humpy” for sparsely tied Humpies. As we all know the Humpy is a popular fly, especially for fast pocket water. The buoyancy of the deer or elk hair and heavily hackled front end are its key defining attributes. Paul Beel wrote a nice post a few… Read More »The Skinny Humpy

Fly of the Month – Thunder Creek Minnow

Guest Blogger + FOM Tyer: Mike Klein, Bozeman, Montana In the 1970s, Keith Fulsher, a commercial fly tier from New York, popularized the Thunder Creek Minnow style of baitfish streamer.  The reverse bucktail style head enabled larger heads and eyes on otherwise slender baitfish patterns.  The style has been widely adapted to both fresh and saltwater species.  Although a relatively simple pattern to tie, creating… Read More »Fly of the Month – Thunder Creek Minnow

How to Taper Synthetic Fly Tying Materials Using the Scissor Method

Fly fishing is unique in that what makes our presentations so life-like is the use of natural materials in the flies we tie. Natural materials offer the ability of variety and ease of use when tying all types of flies. Although synthetic materials can be every bit as effective. Synthetic materials offer a similar look and feel to natural materials although they tend to be… Read More »How to Taper Synthetic Fly Tying Materials Using the Scissor Method

Fly of the Month – Jay of the Wood

Fred Klein Author, Fly tyer and fisher of early traditional flies. Fly fishing historian, author and speaker. It was a morning that seemed to be made for a fly fisherman. A cloudless blue sky and crystal clear river flowing strong, fed from many cold spring streams beginning their journey high in the Appalachian Ridges. The early morning shadows were receding to bright sunshine in the… Read More »Fly of the Month – Jay of the Wood

Variations on a Rock Worm

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana “Nature is so delightful and abundant in its variations that among trees of the same kind there would not be found one which nearly resembles another, and not only the plants as a whole, but among their branches, leaves, and fruit, will not be found one which is precisely like another.”  –Leonardo da Vinci This sentiment would be an… Read More »Variations on a Rock Worm

Frenzy Fiber Material Review

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly I’ve noticed photos of the new Frenzy Fiber from Just Add H2O and from what I could see I thought it might be a nice streamer material, but it’s always difficult to know just by looking at photos. So I ordered some and put the stuff to the… Read More »Frenzy Fiber Material Review

Fly of the Month – Svend’s Cray Cray

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Erik Svendsen, Provo, UT You can find Erik @ and If you love fishing crayfish patterns this is a must have for your box. It is a combination of many patterns I have tied and tested over the years and finally love the way this one fishes and is tied. There is nothing new about some of the things I… Read More »Fly of the Month – Svend’s Cray Cray

Plecopteran Purple

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana The Society of Bored Fly Tyers announced today the existence of an experimental line of Plecopteran (stonefly) flies tied predominately in the color purple. The flies for the most part mimic traditional Plecopteran patterns like the Brooks Montana Stone, Parks Stonefly, Minch’s Stonefly nymphs, Stimulators and Flashback stones, etc. The patterns are scheduled to undergo field trials this summer… Read More »Plecopteran Purple

An Expletive that Catches Fish

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come Now, I know what you’re going to say: “Mike, stop trying to sound tough; you’re no street-cred-wielding expletive-user…you wouldn’t know an expletive from extra cheese.“ Well, let me tell you, that there’s a bunch of horse patootie, that is. Expletives of one sort or another can roll thick… Read More »An Expletive that Catches Fish