Cooler temps mean it’s time to start pruning oaks

Colder temperatures this weekend mean it’s time to start pruning oak trees with minimal to no risk of spreading oak wilt.  The best way to prevent the spread of oak wilt is to prune during the tree(s) during dormant season.  Read more

Firewise on the Farm

As Iowa’s annual harvest preparation hits full stride, the Iowa DNR encourages farmers to get reacquainted with fire prevention practices to keep the farm ‘firewise.’  The following simple steps can save time and money.  Read more

Communities impacted by EAB can receive free seedlings from DNR State Forest Nursery

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), through a grant with the U.S. Forest Service, has been awarding communities in counties that have confirmed emerald ash borer (EAB) up to 200 free seedlings from the DNR’s State Forest Nursery. Seedlings have been awarded since spring of 2019, so if a community has not received its free seedlings, there is still time to apply. Read more