The Lady of the Stream | A Fly Fishing Film

There is a legendary Lady hidden in the streams of inner Norway. The Grayling. But are we worthy of her? Will she take our dry … The post The Lady of the Stream | A Fly Fishing Film appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Tips for Catching Alaskan Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling are known as the sailfish of the north, and quite appropriately so. They have beautiful fins that pop with hues of blue, green, and silver. The video above showcases an arctic grayling’s large and colorful dorsal fin. Grayling are normally considered a smaller fish but can reach lengths of over twenty inches. The normal size for an arctic grayling is ten to twelve… Read More »Tips for Catching Alaskan Arctic Grayling

“Fly Fishing the Styrian Salza”.

Rudi Heger and Marcel Roncari fish a beautiful stretch of the Salza river in Austria. The post “Fly Fishing the Styrian Salza”. appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Michigan Arctic Grayling Reintroduction Initiative

Students from Troy Athens High School created the above documentary to raise awareness about the Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative. Arctic Grayling are native to only three states in the US: Alaska, Montana, and Michigan. Unfortunately, the last known Grayling on record in Michigan was from 1936. The loss of Grayling came from years of habitat destruction, overfishing, and fierce competition amongst other fish. During the… Read More »Michigan Arctic Grayling Reintroduction Initiative