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Fly Fishing, Always Have a Plan B

Just about every fisherman out there is familiar with the saying, “never leave fish to find fish.” I live religiously by this common sense fishing advice. It’s saved my butt many days on the water guiding, and keeps me from straying away from productive water when I find myself being drawn away to fish other spots upstream that look great. Always remember that fly fishing… Read More »Fly Fishing, Always Have a Plan B

Guide Thoughts

I’M A FEW DAYS AWAY FROM STARTING MY THIRTEENTH YEAR AS A TROUT FISHING GUIDE. Where have all the years gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was just hired on by Upper Hi Fly shop in Hiawassee, Ga. Man, a lot has changed since then. That once prospering fly shop is no longer in business and many of the guides I… Read More »Guide Thoughts

Fly Fishing Tips for Stocked Trout

My first memory of bringing a trout to hand with a fly rod took place back in the spring of 1990, on a seasonal trout stream, located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA. It was a far cry from a trophy trout at 10-inches, but that freshly stocked rainbow trout, touched my eleven year old fishing soul to the core. I’ll never forget the excitement… Read More »Fly Fishing Tips for Stocked Trout

How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig

Fly fishing is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allows you to explore, encounter new species, and digest nature in its finest locations. It can also be one of the more frustrating sports out there when things aren’t going as planned. I mean come on, we have all had those days! There isn’t an angler on the planet that… Read More »How to Set Up a Drop Shot Nymph Rig