How to Tie: The Belly Banger

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, McFly Angler shows us how to tie the belly banger fly. Learn About This Fly: Difficulty: Moderate When it comes to warm water flies, the belly banger is about as good as it gets. Tied to loosely imitate a wandering sunfish, this fly is sure to be the favorite snack of any underwater beast daring enough to… Read More »How to Tie: The Belly Banger

How to Make a Single Handed Spey Cast

The Spey Cast, a casting technique originating in Scotland in the 1800s which is named after the river Spey. This just so happens to be one of Scotland’s highly rated salmon rivers. This intricate style of casting is best known for having little or no back cast. Essentially, this style is a more dynamic roll-cast giving anglers the ability to shoot and swing their flies… Read More »How to Make a Single Handed Spey Cast