Leaders for Coho Salmon

This video from Pacific Angler TV is a good look at different leader setups you can use while chasing coho salmon. The post Leaders for Coho Salmon appeared first on MidCurrent.

5 Reasons to Use the Uni Knot

The merits of various line tapers, rod tapers, and knots will always be sources of endless debate among fly anglers. Kent Klewein decided to weigh in recently, with his list of 5 reasons that he uses the Uni knot for trout fishing. You can read the post in full here. The post 5 Reasons to Use the Uni Knot appeared first on MidCurrent.

Emergency Line Splicing

Louis Cahill recently wrote a piece that resonated pretty well with me. Cracked or broken fly line can end a day on the water, and it’s happened to me more often than I’d like to admit. If you’ve ever been in that position before, you’ll want to read through Cahill’s piece. The post Emergency Line Splicing appeared first on MidCurrent.