midge patterns

Flexo Midge

Your Buddy’s Secret Midge I like simple and effective midge patterns, in fact, if a midge takes you more than 5 minutes to tie, you should maybe rethink the pattern to make it more simple.  Here is a super simple bug that can be tied in a wide variety of colors and sizes. To keep this post simple, I’m going to stop typing so you… Read More »Flexo Midge

Nano Rib Midge

Keep it Thinner than Keto This fly really doesn’t need much of a write up…  If you fish tailwaters or other places that require a very thin profile on a small hook, this is a really cool technique that you can hack for many different flies.  If this looks like a basic fly, just watch the video to see the whip finish!   Material List Add… Read More »Nano Rib Midge