nymph fishing

Be Stealthy Like Czech Nymphers

I’m not afraid to admit I’m not a big fan of Czech nymphing. I’m not an aficionado of the popular three-fly nymph rig either. It’s not the right rig for fly anglers that lack discipline or are daydreaming fly casters. Furthermore, a freshly tied rig can become a birds nest instantly, simply by a landed fish, rolling in the net. That being said, I’m not… Read More »Be Stealthy Like Czech Nymphers

Traditional Old-School Nymphs Catch Trout, Don’t Forget It

Every year, I spend quite a bit of time scouring the interweb and flipping through numerous fly company catalogs, all in the effort to stay up to date with the latest new fly pattern creations. Many are just variations of already existing fly patterns, but quite often it’s a new fly tying material that’s created, manipulated, or that’s managed to stay under the radar and… Read More »Traditional Old-School Nymphs Catch Trout, Don’t Forget It