Rainbow Warrior

How to Tie: The Rainbow Warrior

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Fly Fish Food shows us how to tie the Rainbow Warrior nymph. Learn About This Fly: Difficulty: Novice  To most anglers, whether they’re brand new to the sport of fly fishing or have been tossing line since they learned to walk, there are a few flies that have firm real estate in everyone’s vocabulary of bugs. There’s… Read More »How to Tie: The Rainbow Warrior

Purple Rainbow Warrior

Another One of Lance’s Weapons The Rainbow Warrior really needs no introduction, and is the first commercially available fly that Lance had available in the Umpqua catalog.  Not only is the Purple Rainbow Warrior now available to purchase, Lance did a video tutorial on the proper way to tie it!  Click HERE to buy them, or scroll below to see the video and material list.… Read More »Purple Rainbow Warrior