salt water fly fishing

The Salt Water Quick Cast

One of the most crucial skills in salt water fly fishing is shooting line. Everything happens quickly on the flats and the angler who can put is fly on a fish sixty feet from the boat with only two false casts will have a distinct advantage. It’s important to get the fly to the fish in a hurry but that’s not the whole story. In… Read More »The Salt Water Quick Cast

The V Grip

HOPEFULLY YOU’VE GOTTEN COMFORTABLE WITH ADDING THE WRIST SNAP TO YOUR CAST. TODAY BRUCE IS GOING TO GET INTO SOME SERIOUS ADVANCED TECHNIQUE. Your going to see him use the “V Grip”. This is going to feel seriously odd at first. In fact I think this is harder to get the hang of if you have been casting for a long time. Don’t get discouraged,… Read More »The V Grip

Artist Spotlight: Paul Puckett

Flylords got the chance to sit down with Charleston-based painter, illustrator, and business owner Paul Puckett. He shared the story of how he found his way into the fly fishing industry and how he began his career, as well as gave advice to artists hoping to break into the fly fishing space. Check out his comments and artwork below! Photo courtesy of Could you… Read More »Artist Spotlight: Paul Puckett

How to Strip Set with a Fly Rod

Lets be real, one of the most satisfying feelings in fly fishing is setting the hook only to feel that line tighten up as the feisty fish on the business end takes off like a bat out of hell. As anglers, it is imperative to become knowledgeable in hook setting based on the species and location in which you are fishing. Whether stripping large streamers… Read More »How to Strip Set with a Fly Rod