Massachusetts Police: Please Stop Calling About Ocean Sunfish

Concerned beachgoers in Wareham, Massachusetts were shocked when they saw a fin slowing waving its way through the chop last week. Was it a shark? An injured whale? The concerned public had no way of knowing, so they did what they could, and called 911. What resulted was one of the funnier responses we’ve seen a local Department of Natural Resources issue: SUNFISH IN BROAD… Read More »Massachusetts Police: Please Stop Calling About Ocean Sunfish

Permit on Floating Crabs

Australia is home to some amazing flats fishing, particularly in the northern part of the country. My wife and I had been living on the road for almost two years fly fishing our way all over the place and ticking off many of the things on our fishing bucket list. At the top of that list was catching a permit on the flats. We’d had… Read More »Permit on Floating Crabs

Video of The Week: A Journey Upstream

Have you ever thought that your fishing destination is a special place or that what you’ve grown up doing is pretty unique? Well, Andrew Braker and Eric Braker thought so. They grew up in Maryland fishing the Chesapeake and its surrounding watershed. From high mountain babbling creeks, slow-moving wide rivers, to the shellfish shoals of the Chesapeake Bay. These boys grew up fishing and exploring… Read More »Video of The Week: A Journey Upstream

IGFA Launches Inaugural Permit Invitational C&R Tournament

IGFA is launching a new fly fishing Permit tournament in the Lower Florida Keys to kicking off later this week. Registration is still open, and proceeds from the entries and the virtual auction will benefit IGFA’s conservation programs and initiatives. From IGFA: “The IGFA Permit Invitational is a premier fly fishing tournament held annually with the goal of creating a competitive atmosphere to celebrate a… Read More »IGFA Launches Inaugural Permit Invitational C&R Tournament

Meet the $70,000 Fish

In Chris Dorsey’s latest fly fishing piece for Forbes Magazine, he dives into the economic side of catch-and-release fly fishing, focusing on the Silver Ghost of the Flats, the Bonefish. As fisheries and their economic values are studied more and more, the true value of C&R and each individual bonefish is becoming more and more glaringly obvious. According to the Forbes piece, “In one Florida study,… Read More »Meet the $70,000 Fish

COVID & Flats Fishing with Artist David Danforth

Fishing the flats in the Florida Keys tests every angler’s patience and wits about themselves. Any trout angler who has visited the Keys for the first time can probably relate. David Danforth, my buddy Mitch Bainter, and myself decided to do a little domestic saltwater trip to Marathon, Florida to fish with @kingfisherbackcountrychaters for some bonefish, permit, and tarpon. We drove from Tampa to the… Read More »COVID & Flats Fishing with Artist David Danforth

Video of the Week: Trucha a Hooke Film

In this week’s Video of the Week, we join the Hooke team on their most recent journey down to Patagonia in search of some of the largest brown, rainbow, and brook trout in the world. From swinging flies to Sea Run Brown trout to stripping streamers for overweight rainbows the team enjoys what Patagonia has to offer and more. So turn those Subtitles on and… Read More »Video of the Week: Trucha a Hooke Film