Saltwater Fly Fishing

Saltwater Fly Fishing: 11 Tips for Presenting Your Fly To Tarpon

Anyone that’s fly fished for tarpon has probably experienced how easy it can be to present the fly incorrectly. If you miss your target, even by just a little bit, it can drastically lower your chances for getting a tarpon to eat. Cast the fly too close, and the tarpon will spook. Don’t lead the fish enough, and your fly won’t get down to the… Read More »Saltwater Fly Fishing: 11 Tips for Presenting Your Fly To Tarpon

The Salt Water Quick Cast

One of the most crucial skills in salt water fly fishing is shooting line. Everything happens quickly on the flats and the angler who can put is fly on a fish sixty feet from the boat with only two false casts will have a distinct advantage. It’s important to get the fly to the fish in a hurry but that’s not the whole story. In… Read More »The Salt Water Quick Cast

3 Ways to Improve Your Fly Casting on the Flats

About ten years ago, I embarked on my first international saltwater fly fishing trip, with a couple Texas boys I’d previously met while chasing peacock bass in the Amazon. The saltwater trip took place down in Mexico, specifically the Ascension Bay area. Our primary target fish were bonefish but we kept a constant lookout for permit and tarpon. The two born and raised Texas boys… Read More »3 Ways to Improve Your Fly Casting on the Flats

The V Grip

HOPEFULLY YOU’VE GOTTEN COMFORTABLE WITH ADDING THE WRIST SNAP TO YOUR CAST. TODAY BRUCE IS GOING TO GET INTO SOME SERIOUS ADVANCED TECHNIQUE. Your going to see him use the “V Grip”. This is going to feel seriously odd at first. In fact I think this is harder to get the hang of if you have been casting for a long time. Don’t get discouraged,… Read More »The V Grip

Joel vs The Shark

Max Pressure Photo by Louis Cahill MY GOOD FRIEND JOEL DICKEY WAS NOT RAISED BY WOLVES, BUT YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE IT IF YOU’VE EVER SEEN HIM ANGRY. With hair the color of a new penny and bright blue eyes that can be uncomfortably intense at times, the ruddy sun scorched complexion of a Bedouin, the build of a boxer and two gold hoops, one… Read More »Joel vs The Shark

False Albacore and Bonito: Who’s Who?

As the summer rolls on, anglers around New England start to get antsy. When the inshore waters warm, and baitfish begin to pile up, the clock starts ticking. Ticking down until inevitably, they show up. “They” in this case are False Albacore and Bonito, two of the fastest, most action-packed fish that fly rodders have a chance to encounter. Through all this craziness, the two… Read More »False Albacore and Bonito: Who’s Who?

How To Fly Fish for Bluefish

If Northern Pike are the wolves of the water, and Barracuda are the wolves of the sea, that would leave Bluefish to fill the spot of, say a wolverine crossed with and angry bladesmith, of all the seas. The Bluefish (known as tailor in Australia and New Zealand and Shad in South Africa) is an aggressive, gluttonous feeder that will create blitzes up and down… Read More »How To Fly Fish for Bluefish

The Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist may be the the most mysterious knot in fly fishing. I love the look you get when you tie one. It’s as though you pulled a rabbit out of your fishing hat. In reality, the Bimini Twist is not a difficult knot. Once you understand it it’s very easy to tie and it can not be beat for strength. It is the… Read More »The Bimini Twist