Single Hook Streamers

Fancy Pants Streamer

The Coffee Fairy of Flies The Drunk Drea has been absolutely solid in it’s short existence on this earth, so it got a cousin that has a bit more unique movement in the tail.  This could be fished as a craw pattern, or just as a normal streamer that has different movement than just a marabou tail.  The compound loop has been a pretty fun… Read More »Fancy Pants Streamer

Drunk Drea – Streamer Pattern

Hold ON… Shhhhhhhh.  Lemme Tell You Something If you haven’t caught on yet, I have been naming flies after my coworkers that I used to work with in HR.  The Squatchy B, the Slick Willie, and now the Drunk Drea.  (Still one more to go.)  This fly was created because I wanted a slim single hooked fly that I could fish on a double streamer… Read More »Drunk Drea – Streamer Pattern