spey casting

The Cajun Spey Waltz

Snow is blowing in around the corners of my glasses and forty degree water is slowly making its way into my waders. I haven’t seen the sun for several days and the river is full of chrome bright steelhead. It doesn’t feel much like Louisiana. Never the less the tune that keeps dancing in my head and eventually to my lips is an old Cajun… Read More »The Cajun Spey Waltz

Working a Steelhead

I had the opportunity to watch my friend Jeff Hickman work a shy Steelhead the other day and his effort was exemplary. Swinging flies for winter steelhead is a game of numbers, very small numbers. It’s a given when chasing winter fish that there may be limited numbers of fish present in the river. Even fewer of them will be willing to eat a swung… Read More »Working a Steelhead

How to Make a Single Handed Spey Cast

The Spey Cast, a casting technique originating in Scotland in the 1800s which is named after the river Spey. This just so happens to be one of Scotland’s highly rated salmon rivers. This intricate style of casting is best known for having little or no back cast. Essentially, this style is a more dynamic roll-cast giving anglers the ability to shoot and swing their flies… Read More »How to Make a Single Handed Spey Cast