The Cajun Spey Waltz

Snow is blowing in around the corners of my glasses and forty degree water is slowly making its way into my waders. I haven’t seen the sun for several days and the river is full of chrome bright steelhead. It doesn’t feel much like Louisiana. Never the less the tune that keeps dancing in my head and eventually to my lips is an old Cajun… Read More »The Cajun Spey Waltz

Working a Steelhead

I had the opportunity to watch my friend Jeff Hickman work a shy Steelhead the other day and his effort was exemplary. Swinging flies for winter steelhead is a game of numbers, very small numbers. It’s a given when chasing winter fish that there may be limited numbers of fish present in the river. Even fewer of them will be willing to eat a swung… Read More »Working a Steelhead

Swinging Streamers on Big Water

Most streamer fisherman out there would agree that pounding the river banks with a streamer will catch trout just about anywhere. If you’re willing to put in the time and hard work eventually you’ll be rewarded with a big fish. During high water flows on rivers where habitat is insufficient out in the main river, many trout¬†will relocate to the banks where they can use… Read More »Swinging Streamers on Big Water

A Look Into the New Benchmade x Casey Underwood Knives

This week, our friends at Benchmade knives released, what we believe, to be one of the most unique, fishiest knives to ever appear in the fly-fishing space. The recent launch feature 4 variations to their classic mini Crooked River series, each of which features a different species of fish (Largemouth Bass, Brown Trout, Tarpon, and Steelhead) that comprise a different niche in the fly fishing… Read More »A Look Into the New Benchmade x Casey Underwood Knives

Organization of the Month: Native Fish Society

For this installment of “Organization of the Month,” we sat down with Native Fish Society’s Executive Director, Mark Sherwood. Native Fish Society engages in the protection of–yes, you guessed it, native, wild fish in the Pacific Northwest, specifically. Historically, the Pacific Northwest supported breathtaking runs of salmon and steelhead. Human intervention and other activities, however, have crippled those salmon and steelhead runs. Native Fish Society works to… Read More »Organization of the Month: Native Fish Society

TBT: Skeena Steelhead Symbol of Survival

 This 1993 historic film by the late Myron Kozak looks at the plight of B.C.’s wild salmonids, especially the Steelhead in the ’80s and … The post TBT: Skeena Steelhead Symbol of Survival appeared first on Moldy Chum.