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Leave it to the Beaver

Chris Hunt recently wrote a piece for Hatch Magazine that’s near and dear to the heart of any angler who’s ventured into the Great White North – the DeHallivand Beaver. It’s a fun story about planes as iconic as fly fishing in the north itself. Read it in full here. The post Leave it to the Beaver appeared first on MidCurrent.

My Steelhead Addiction

This story by Keith McCafferty in Field & Stream is a unique look at steelhead fishing – a glimpse into the past, on a river that flows no more after the Mount St. Helens eruption. The story is interesting, even if the ending is bleak. Although, I suppose that sums up all of steelheading rather nicely. Read the story in its entirety here. The post My Steelhead… Read More »My Steelhead Addiction

The State of the Lower Sacramento

I’ve never fly fished in California, but after reading this story in Fly Fisherman Magazine, I’m jealous of the fishing they do have there. This piece details the health of the Lower Sacramento River, even after the wildfires that have scourged the Golden State in the past few years. You can read it here. The post The State of the Lower Sacramento appeared first on MidCurrent.

Field & Stream Classics: Life, Death, and Steelhead

Field & Stream has, in honor of its 125th anniversary, decided to feature some of its best print stories online. And this week, they ran one of the best pieces of fishing writing I’ve ever read. Colin Kearns carefully details the rise and fall of Joe Randolph, a legendary steelhead angler on the Deschutes River in Oregon. The story is emotional, captivating, and tragic. You can… Read More »Field & Stream Classics: Life, Death, and Steelhead

Essay: Home Water

A large brown trout from my “home water.” Tony Bonavist just wrote a great article for The River Reporter, about fly fishing home waters. Bonavist is a great writer, and his story is a great way to start off the week. Read it in full here. The post Essay: Home Water appeared first on MidCurrent.

If I’d Ever Been to Iceland

This is a fun piece about fishing for golden trout in the high country of Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains. The author, Jeff Day, makes the point that as long as anglers have the Winds, do we really need Iceland? Read his piece here and see if you agree with his logic. The post If I’d Ever Been to Iceland appeared first on MidCurrent.

Small Trout

I’ve been lucky  enough to do a lot of fishing this summer, and I recapped a lot of the adventures in this piece for Hatch Magazine. You can read it in full here. The post Small Trout appeared first on MidCurrent.

Snot Hill

Before the pandemic shut down the world, I was fishing with my buddy Bridger Lyons in Utah, chasing blue-winged olives. We were riding one of those rare warm spells that show up every spring here in the Rockies. The warmth makes it feel like spring is right around the corner. Then, disaster strikes – and that’s exactly what happened to us while on top of… Read More »Snot Hill