Streamer Fishing

Rosa Parks Fished Streamers

Stand up with me here streamer guys, you know what I’m talking about! First of all I am in no way making light of Ms. Parks courageous acts or life of service. She is on my list of personal heroes and that list is pretty damn short. If you don’t know who she is, you should! That said, like Rosa, I’m getting pretty fucking tired… Read More »Rosa Parks Fished Streamers

Streamer Season

The feather twisters over at Umpqua have been marinating and slow cooking some of their meats during this fall Streamer Season. For many, streamer season … The post Streamer Season appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Swinging Streamers on Big Water

Most streamer fisherman out there would agree that pounding the river banks with a streamer will catch trout just about anywhere. If you’re willing to put in the time and hard work eventually you’ll be rewarded with a big fish. During high water flows on rivers where habitat is insufficient out in the main river, many trout¬†will relocate to the banks where they can use… Read More »Swinging Streamers on Big Water