streamer patterns

Synthetic Yak Streamer

Big Taper, Little Bulk I’ll be honest, I got all fired up to tie some big meat when Lance brought in some of his for lake trout.  I had been messing with a lot of synthetic fibers, but synthetic yak is one of my favorites due to how it flows in the water, and how it keeps bulk.  This fly really isn’t super hard to… Read More »Synthetic Yak Streamer

Fancy Pants Streamer

The Coffee Fairy of Flies The Drunk Drea has been absolutely solid in it’s short existence on this earth, so it got a cousin that has a bit more unique movement in the tail.  This could be fished as a craw pattern, or just as a normal streamer that has different movement than just a marabou tail.  The compound loop has been a pretty fun… Read More »Fancy Pants Streamer

Drunk Drea – Streamer Pattern

Hold ON… Shhhhhhhh.  Lemme Tell You Something If you haven’t caught on yet, I have been naming flies after my coworkers that I used to work with in HR.  The Squatchy B, the Slick Willie, and now the Drunk Drea.  (Still one more to go.)  This fly was created because I wanted a slim single hooked fly that I could fish on a double streamer… Read More »Drunk Drea – Streamer Pattern