Fall Gear Guide to Streamer Fishing

Fall is a season often welcomed by fly fishermen, particularly those fond of throwing streamers to aggressive fish. As the leaves begin to change color, so do some of our favorite fish like brown and brook trout in preparation for spawning season, which makes these fish aggressive and more willing to chase a big chunk of meat floating by. Streamer fishing requires practice, technique, and… Read More »Fall Gear Guide to Streamer Fishing

How to Tie: The Belly Banger

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, McFly Angler shows us how to tie the belly banger fly. Learn About This Fly: Difficulty: Moderate When it comes to warm water flies, the belly banger is about as good as it gets. Tied to loosely imitate a wandering sunfish, this fly is sure to be the favorite snack of any underwater beast daring enough to… Read More »How to Tie: The Belly Banger

The Best Flies to Fish: The White River

In this installment of “Flies to Fish”, we will be focusing on none other than Arkansas’ White River. The White River has a total length of 722 miles flowing through Arkansas and Missouri: and is home to 8 dams, 6 reservoirs, 3 tailwaters, and countless tributaries. With the waters below Bull Shoals dam being the most famous for their prolific trout fishery and Monster Browns.… Read More »The Best Flies to Fish: The White River