Video of The Week: The Away Game

In this week’s segment, we take a look back at Will Phelp’s short film called “The Away Game”. The focus is on more than just chasing bull trout it’s encompassing the idea of doing it yourself. Sometimes you get outdated information or just straight up bad info. There’s a beauty in itself when you take the time to figure it out yourself, its something that… Read More »Video of The Week: The Away Game

How to Make a DIY Dubbing Brush Maker

As fly fishermen, we spend hours at the tying bench whipping up everything from dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Simple nymphs and dry flies can usually be tied in under 10 minutes, but streamers tend to take significantly longer depending on the intricacy and detail. One way to reduce the amount of time spent on streamers is to create a dubbing brush. Dubbing brushes are… Read More »How to Make a DIY Dubbing Brush Maker