Trout Bum


Meet Jack Gribble: tattoo artist, punk rock drummer, and trout bum. From the Driftless Area to Yellowstone, to any trout stream he stumbles across during … The post “JACK GRIBBLE: TROUT BUM” appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Not Just Anybody’s Saint Vrain

By Louis Cahill “IF YOU CLIMB INTO THE CAB OF THAT PICKUP WITH JOHN YOU’LL FIND THAT WHERE YOU WIND UP CAN, ONLY IN THE MOST EXISTENTIAL TERMS, BE CALLED A FISHING TRIP.” It’s about seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. It’s mid-September and the chilly Colorado air has coaxed a fair number of lookie-lous, headed up from Denver and Boulder to catch some fall color,… Read More »Not Just Anybody’s Saint Vrain