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Tailwater Tales: Your Guide to Exploring the Blue River

In collaboration with Colorado Tourism and their “Care for Colorado” initiative, we set out to explore some of the most well known and widely admired tailwaters of the great state of Colorado. While on this adventure, we met with local fly shops and guides to have them show us exactly what makes their home waters so special, and more importantly, why they’re worth exploring and protecting. Along… Read More »Tailwater Tales: Your Guide to Exploring the Blue River

You Can’t Go Home

William S. Burroughs, in his essay “Dinosaurs” wrote, “biologically speaking the one direction you can’t go is back”. He was, of course, making a social comment but I was reminded of that idea while fishing the other day with a good friend. Joel Dickey was up visiting family over the holidays and was excited to do some trout fishing. For weeks he had been telling… Read More »You Can’t Go Home