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Behind the Brand: O’Pros

In this installment of our “Behind the Brand” series, we had a chance to sit down with David Jacobson, one of the founders and operators of Outdoor Professionals, or better known as O’pros Fly Fishing. Here, we had a chance to explore just what needs O’pros is trying to address in the fly-fishing space, and discuss the journey of a small business in the fly-fishing… Read More »Behind the Brand: O’Pros

Small Business Spotlight: GHOSTech Strike Indicators

Welcome to the first-ever installment of Flylords’ “Small Business Spotlight” series. When it comes to fly fishing, constant innovation and ingenuity are synonymous with the spirit of the sport. That being said, new products are always being released, many of which don’t really meet any actual needs of anglers. However, every now and then, something comes out of the woodwork that really catches the eye… Read More »Small Business Spotlight: GHOSTech Strike Indicators