Where Do Bass Go In Fall? (And How To Catch Them!)

Don’t worry, we can help! As the nights get cooler and your water temperatures begin to drop, you might notice the fish you’ve been catching are beginning to disappear. At first the cooler nights help, the fish become more active and start feeding on baitfish throughout the day but the farther we get into Fall, the fish start behaving differently and in some cases, they disappear completely. Where do they go and how can you keep catching them? Let’s find out…

As we progress through Fall there are two distinct groups of bass. The Fish that go shallow will ambush baitfish around cover. If grass is present they will congregate in the liveliest grass beds, if not they will use pockets along the shoreline to corral bait. The deep fish have already made the transition to hard bottom. You will find them congregated around rock with quick deep water access. 

As the nights get cooler, the water temperatures drop, and grass begins to die. The shallow fish will begin to behave like their deep water counterparts and immediately move to hard structure. You’ll find them on laydown trees, dock pilings, and rock. Just like the deep water fish, the best spots to find shallow fish will be where they have quick access to deep water. As this transition happens the baits we use to target them will immediately change. 

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the baits we have the most confidence in during Fall. We’ve separated them for shallow and deep water fishing to make it easier for you to choose the right options for where you fish. Many of these techniques will be discussed in-depth in the coming weeks and months but we wanted to give you a head start on them now so you’re prepared as the transition happens. All of the bait and gear links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. 

Tim’s Shallow Baits For Fall… 

Squarebill- Lucky Craft 1.5 (BP Golden Shiner): http://bit.ly/2BGxKPa

Frog- Live Target Hollow Body 65 (Bright Green): http://bit.ly/2Q40BAk

Walking Bait- Teckel Kicknocker (Lime Ice): http://bit.ly/2nvxkoA

Swimbait- Keitech 4.8″ Fat Swing Impact: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v

Underspin- Owner 1/8 oz Flashy Swimmer 5.0: http://bit.ly/2e8O4Y7

Tim’s Deep Baits For Fall… 

Crankbait- Tactical DD Crank 75: http://bit.ly/37dclbX

Favorite Colors: Mirrored Minnow, Ghost Minnow, Glass Minnow

Tail Spin- Jackall Deracoup 3/4 oz (Dera Shad): http://bit.ly/2p8X4b0

Blade Bait- Damiki Vault 1/2 oz (Black Holo): http://bit.ly/2rnO7e2

Spoon- Blade Runner 1 3/4 oz Duh Spoon (Morning Dawn UV): http://bit.ly/2aKVLlG

Jig- Dirty Jigs 1/2 oz Pitchin Jig (Go To): http://bit.ly/2amL3of

Jig Trailer- RI Sweet Beaver (Green Pumpkin): http://bit.ly/29W3RZW

Tim’s Tactical Crankbait Combo… 

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 906 CBR: http://bit.ly/2og0BmK

Reel- Shimano Bantam MGL XG: http://bit.ly/2H44yjG

Line- 12 lb Sunline Crank FC: https://bit.ly/3fohguC

Tim’s Tail Spinner Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Expride 6’10” Medium: http://bit.ly/2nTq9FL

Reel- Shimano Curado 70 MGL HG: https://bit.ly/3jdrMqa

Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

Budget Speed Cranking Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Intenza 7’2″ MH Glass: http://bit.ly/2QADLTq

Reel- Shimano SLX 150 DC XG: http://bit.ly/2LWzw2Q

Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel… 

TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2TwBWs7

TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2FVD9Rs

TacticalBassin Sun Shirt: http://bit.ly/2TvFMBD

TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt: http://bit.ly/38cVi9G

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