4 Topwater Tricks For Early Fall Bass Fishing!

The Fall transition can be a topwater angler’s dream! When the bass are feeding and you’ve got a bait that matches the hatch, it feels like you can do no wrong! Poppers, walking baits, buzz baits, and frogs, can all produce days on the water you’ll never forget. But what about the other days? The days when the bite shuts off or the bass key in on a specific baitfish so aggressively that you can’t lure them away… These 4 tricks will make all the difference on the tough days. 

Step 1 is to go natural. Stick to colors that perfectly match the baitfish. Its not the time for bright chartreuse or bone, stick to the ghost tones. Step 2 is to downsize and match the exact size of the baitfish the bass are targeting. Step 3 is to accent your hooks with feathers, colors changes, etc… to create the most natural bait possible. And finally, step 4 is to focus on subtle baits. 

Below is a breakdown of Tim’s most reliable baits this time of year. We’ve also included links to the hooks and hardware upgrades he recommends. The links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. 


-Yellow Magic Popper: http://bit.ly/2al0dKP

Colors: Japanese Shad, Smoke Shad

-Megabass Pop Max: http://bit.ly/2qqfmm1

Colors: MB Gizzard, Ito Wakasagi


-Spro Poppin Frog 60: http://bit.ly/2HsyqIJ

Colors: Misty Shad, Speck

-LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog 55: http://bit.ly/2Q40BAk

Colors: Brown Black, Tan Brown

Walking Baits… 

-Evergreen Shower Blows 105: http://bit.ly/2zIkqUH

Colors: American Shad, Blue Back Herring

-River2Sea Rover 128: http://bit.ly/2acSVea

Colors: Ghost Minnow, Funky Tiger


-Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad 1/4 oz: https://bit.ly/3iDnLLi

Color: Nickel

-Dirty Jigs Canterbury Buzz 1/2 oz: http://bit.ly/2cWI6if

Bait- Keitech 4.3″ Fat Swing Impact: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v


-Big Bite Baits Tour Toad: http://bit.ly/2NtAghc

Colors: Pearl Shine, Silver Shine

-Zoom Horny Toad: http://bit.ly/2aY5lBt

Colors: Grey Ghost, Watermelon Seed

Hook- Gamakatsu Superline Spring Lock 5/0: https://bit.ly/3mkwZi1


Red Treble- Owner ST-36 (Size 4, 2): http://bit.ly/2wSknXp

Feathers- Owner Feathered Hooks (Size 4, 2): http://bit.ly/2m7XrAx

Split Rings- Owner Hyperwire (Size 2, 3): http://bit.ly/2v8ArBX

Ultimate Frog Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Expride 7’3″ Expride: http://bit.ly/2czPlZl

Reel- Shimano Curado DC HG: http://bit.ly/2yHtsp4

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 65 lb Braid: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

All-Around Topwater Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Expride 7′ Medium Light+: http://bit.ly/2czPlZl

Reel- Shimano SLX DC XG: http://bit.ly/2LWzw2Q

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 40 lb Braid: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Budget Topwater Combo…

Rod- Dobyns Colt 7′ Medium heavy: http://bit.ly/2lU0LfV

Reel- Daiwa CR80 High Speed: http://bit.ly/2Cgk5Nh

Line- Power Pro Braided Line 30 lb: http://bit.ly/2aFg46b

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel… 

TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2TwBWs7

TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2FVD9Rs

TacticalBassin Sun Shirt: http://bit.ly/2TvFMBD

TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt: http://bit.ly/38cVi9G

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