Filson and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers are working together on the Public Lands Skills Nights, which are a 12-night live series of virtual sessions with an Eastern, Western, and Women in the Woods tracks with a hunt emphasis.

During each night, Filson will be giving away BHA collab gear and these sessions are free to attend.  Even if you missed the live session, you will be sent a link to replay it.

The Public Lands Skills Nights began this week and will continue into October.

Click through the sessions listed below to register.

Eastern Track
Sept. 16, 6 pm Mountain Time: Traveling and Mobile Hunting for Midwest Whitetail
Sept. 23, 6 pm Mountain Time: East Coast Whitetail and R3
Sept. 30, 6 pm Mountain Time: The Seminole Whitetail
Oct. 7, 6 pm Mountain Time: The Pennsylvania Big Woods

Western Track
Sept. 14, 7 pm Mountain Time: Mid September Elk Calling Tactics
Sept. 21, 7 pm Mountain Time: Road Trip Nutrition for Your Bird Dog
Sept. 28, 7 pm Mountain Time: Western Mushroom Identification and Foraging Techniques
Oct. 5, 7 pm Mountain Time: Adult-onset Upland Bird Hunting and Your First Bird Dog
Oct. 12, 7 pm Mountain Time: From the Hunt to the Dinner Table

Women in the Woods
Sept. 15, 7 pm Mountain Time: Why Women Hunt
Sept. 22, 7 pm Mountain Time: Gear for Women
Sept. 29, 7 pm Mountain Time: Becoming an Independent Outdoorswoman

Visit the Public Lands Skills Nights landing page for more information.