#FLIESFORANDREW & Send Some Help to Rooster!

2020 keeps on swinging and punching in ways that none of us can anticipate.  This time around it’s knocked down two notable fly fishing guides with Andrew Grillos and Dan “Rooster” Leavens after a spring into summer which already meant too much time off from guiding.  Andrew Grillos recently suffered a stroke with an uncertain future and Dan Leavens came back from a bout of COVID0-19 only to have a massive heart attack.  He’s home now recovering from a stent surgery.

For Andrew Grillos, there has been both a GoFundMe setup with a social media push with a series of auctions on Instagram under #FliesForAndrew.

For Rooster, there is a GoFundMe up and rolling and he’s posted a few updates in Stories on the Stonefly Outfitters Instagram page.

You may have not know either of these guides, maybe you’ve fished with them, or at least followed them on social media.  They need your help if you can spare a few dollars or can big on an auction.