New Kayak Review! Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136!

This kayak just won “Best Of Show” At ICAST 2020, let’s look at why! When we heard the Sportsman Autopilot 136 had an Ultrex trolling motor and could “spot lock” to hold position so we didn’t have to paddle the kayak constantly, we knew we had to have it! Come along as Tim takes it for a spin on the water, looks at the features, and shows how to operate the motor. 

This is a top of the line kayak! Its incredibly stable, has room to stand, walk, and enough stability to fish from virtually any position. We’ve had it out in big waves, heavy winds, and have had the opportunity to catch some great big bass from these boats. If you’re upgrading to a larger kayak or considering adding a trolling motor to an existing kayak, you should give this a look. 

The 13’6″ version (136) retails for $3999 while the smaller 12′ version (120) retails for $3799. This is a serious investment for an entry level kayaker but is a no brainer for a bass angler coming down from a bass boat. As bass boat angler’s we’ve already fallen in love with the spot lock feature of the Ultrex trolling motor and know there is no going back. Having this same feature in a kayak gives us the ability to go farther, stay more stable in rough water, and most importantly, focus on the fishing instead of the positioning. 

Below you’ll find links to the kayak as well as some of our favorite kayak accessories. The kayak link will take you directly to the manufacturer’s website (Old Town), while the accessory links will go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of the items. 

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