Reel Review – Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B (2020 Shimano Metanium)

The 2020 Metanium MGL 150 B is an awesome new reel from Shimano! We put it through the paces the past few months before weighing in with a review. With requests pouring in, its time to share our experiences. In a word, this reel is AWESOME! 

Aside from the Metanium name, the reel is hardly recognizable when compared to its former counterparts. The Metanium MGL has reached new heights with features like a Magnesium frame, CoreSolid body (1 piece frame), and an MGL III Spool. The reel itself feels very similar to the Bantam but is several ounces lighter. The finished product is light weight, incredibly strong, and ultra smooth. 

After fishing these reels hard for months we’ve seen no reduction in performance. They’re as smooth as the day we opened the boxes, if not smoother. We’ve been using this reel for “finesse power” techniques. These are cross over techniques where you need the ability to throw light baits but you still need torque and power after you get the bite. It shines for finesse jigs, small to mid-size crankbaits, keitechs, topwater, dock fishing, etc. 

See the reel here… 

-Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B:

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Crankbait Combo With The Metanium… 

Reel- Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B:

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 906 CBR:

Line- Sunline Crank FC 12 lb:

Buzzbait Combo With The Metanium…

Reel- Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B:

Rod- Jackall Poison Adrena 7’4” Heavy:

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 50 lb Braid:

Different Reel Speeds/Techniques…

8.1:1 (XG)- Buzzbait, Toads, Burning Lipless, Speed Cranking, Squarebills, Whopper Plopper

7.1:1 (HG)- Topwater, Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Hopping Jigs, Shaky head, Underspin, Most Moving Baits

6.2:1 (Standard)- Carolina Rig, Finesse Fishing, Dragging Jigs, Bottom Crawling Swimbaits, All Around Universal Speed

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