RUNAWAY BOAT CRASH!! – Lake Chickamauga Summer Boating

IT HAPPENS FAST! After the driver was ejected his boat spun out of control. With no operator to slow it down and the throttle pinned, the boat was whipping donuts uncontrollably. The boat made its way dangerously close to an island full of partying weekend boaters before ultimately crashing through the trees and underbrush. Could this have been prevented? Of course! 

Boating has inherent risks. Raising those risks by ignoring the boat’s built-in safety features is negligent. Its easy to see the mistake in hindsight. Admittedly, we’ve all made the same mistake at some point. Let this incident cement the importance of wearing your kill switch. Its imperative not only for your safety but also for the safety of those recreating around you. Thankfully the boat driver in this incident was uninjured after being ejected from his boat and all of the on lookers were spared as well. The only real damage in this crash was to the boat as it plowed through trees and sand repeatedly. 

The message here is anything can happen when you’re on the water. When it does happen, it happens quickly. Wear your life jacket and kill switch any time the outboard is running. If something happens, its better to be prepared than caught off guard. Below are links to the life jackets we use when we’re on the water as well as some budget friendly options. The links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of the items.

** When purchasing inflatable PFD’s its wise to purchase the  automatic versions so there is an extra level of security if you are not alert when the life jacket is needed.**

Life Jackets… 

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Traditional Type- Onyx Tackle Warehouse:

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